Noah Errand Jacket 😍

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-with free Non-Woven Face mask color black

-Functionality that fits in the palm of your hand

-Ideal for changeable weather

-Pocketable design

-Lightweight: Made with ripstop nylon, the lightest in the world

-The light fabric allows ease of movement and its natural elasticity makes it even more comfortable to wear.

-This design is extremely compact and dries quickly after washing, making it easy to carry about casually for travel or leisure. 

-It can also be used on a regular basis to protect against over-air-conditioning in the spring and summer, to stay warm in the fall and winter, or to protect against sudden rain or strong sunlight at any time of year.

-Ripstop nylon is nylon fabric which is woven in a lattice shape.

-Nylon fibers are strong and extremely resistant to wear, making ripstop stronger by an order of magnitude than other fabrics, as its name implies.


Noah Errand Jacket with Free Face Mask


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