If you waste a lot of time to find a specific item in your bag, this bag organizer is perfect for you
Get our All-New Bag Organizer

Reasons why you should get a bag organizer:

this bag organizer will help you organize everything inside your bag neatly and avoid losing your personal belongings inside.

It will comfortably protect your stuff from sliding and slipping inside of pockets.

whenever you want to change to another bag, you can just simply move the organizer. It will give you a lot of comfort in your daily life.

it also serves as a bag shaper

material is imported from France but locally made

a must-have for every bag lover

can be unisex just choose a color


  • Material:
  • 3mm thick material made of 30%wood, 30%nylon and 40%polyester
  • main material Imported from France but made in the Philippines
  • This is super lightweight as we use 3mm material
  • which is the lightest material possible so it won't add up some weight
  • despite being lightweight, this material is the most durable material available
  • 100% Handmade!
  • machine precision laser cut to achieve perfect edges and shape, no scissors used.
  • Dimension: 25x12x13cm
  • Weight: 0.25kg


Bag Organizer


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